Kim Mkt artwork, is a talented graphic designer

834b056fbc2b3933cc8114ab2af51fdaKim alias Mkt artwork, is a talented graphic designer, since he was a child he fell in love with visual art; magazine covers, graphics, posters, drawings and street art..

He went to the university to study economic sciences, but after a while he discover that his passion for graphics cant let him continue in this university, thats why he decided to start studying at the Higher Institute of Science and Technology Design in Tunis to develop his talent and skills.

Kim began his career early, he works as a freelance graphic designer, he starts Graffiti art and focus on his own style which is the Arabic graffiti.

We have a few questions.

1 – First of all I would like to thank on behalf of the team Falle for accepting to do this interview, it is a great pleasure for us. I start wondering when he began his interest in art and design?

1-Since i was a kid i’m in love with posters and illustrations of magazine covers, i pass all the time drawing, using colors also by watching graffiti works on Tv and posters. But since 2008 i decided to practice graphic design and art.

2 – Which artists have served and will serve as a reference?

2-Well, honestly there’s not a specific names but i like what my eyes like! I respect artworks that send messages through it! Artworks that artists work so hard to make it alive… that’s it.


3 – How do you define your work?
3-I don’t have a unique style because i’m a graphic designer! for customers my style of work depend on them and what they want exactly, but for sure i put my thumb in it!

Day after day i discover new things in my work, i’m in love with typography and recently i start taking my calligraphy work from papers to walls so as a street artist i practice the calligraffiti…

4 – How did you develop your style of work?

4-Developing my style ? mmm… the secret is by practicing graphic designs all the time, i don’t stop thinking for new ideas, and new projects! It depend on your inspiration..

5 – What do you consider your best work yet?
5-I think there’s no one satisfied with his own work, but i let people and professionals decide what are the best works.


6 – Tell us which sites you frequently access

6-i have a portfolio on Behance so i pass time on it… watching other creatives artworks, who knows maybe some creations can inspire you!

7 – What are your hobbies?
7-I like practicing sports generally ! reading sometimes, fishing…

8 – You graduated at some college Graphic Design?
8-I didn’t graduated from a college or a school of graphic design i learned graphic design by myself… watching tutorials and especially trying to have a successful creations, and especially keep practicing what i’m in love with day after day !




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