interview with The Yok

YOK_chippo+phibs_flat2300-1Yok started his droopy eyed drawings in a salty sea shack down under in a town called Perth. He developed a passion for loopy moustaches,
seaworthy beards and potato headed rad lads.

Yok works from a home studio in Brooklyn, New York and is open for collaborations, commissions and cases of beer.

AYEM_T_shirtloresv2He has exhibited in Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Taipei, Beijing,
Singapore Bangkok and Hong Kong, As well as unoficalial displays of street art in weird parts of the world that usually involve surf.

We made a few questions for him!

1 First of all I would like to thank on behalf of the team Falle for accepting to do this interview, it is a great pleasure for us. I start wonderingwhen he began his interest in art, graffiti and street art?

Yok: Wehn i went to Barcellona in the late 90’s i saw some amzaing artworks painte don the streets, after that i was hooked!

2 Which artists have served and will serve as a reference?

Yok: Everyone everywhere has had an influence on me, architects that made the city landscapes to tattoo artists to traditional costumes from South East Asia.


3 – How do you define your work?

Yok: wobbly

4 – did you develop your style of work?

Yok: Just keep practising, fine tuning, and honing your skills

5 – How would you describe your day-to-day?

Yok: coffee, banana, sketch, paint draw, ride my bike, make some jokes, draw, email, instagram hahaha

6 – What do you consider your best work yet?

Yok: The next one

7 – Tell us five lessons that you consider important

Yok: have fun, enjoy your self. Hustle, look after your friends, take care of your self.


8 – You work for the advertising market or works only in a noncommercial manner?

Yok: Some time you gottah pay the bills

10 – What are your hobbies?

Yok: Surfing

11 – What books do you enjoy reading?

Yok: Books about travelling to strange lands

12 – What is most important in your life?

Yok: Having fun

13 – You graduated at some college Graphic Design?

Yok: Yes

14 – How did you learn to draw? Where did you learn to draw?

Yok: Self taught, hours at my desk coping comics from MAD magazine

It’s a pie eat pie world from theyok on Vimeo.

YOK from theyok on Vimeo.

SCARBOROUGH video from theyok on Vimeo.

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