#SeriouslySpeaking – Determination

determination-pictureIn our story of life, the dream is very important, but without determination is infeasible. We believe that God is sovereign to perform them, yes, but it does not have the obligation. Out what he gave us strength, give us intelligence and determination gave us.

I remember like it was today, from a very young age, when they asked me what I would be when I grew up saying, Doctor.

That is, the dream came since childhood and will never abandon me. However I knew that without determination, without effort or struggle, I never reach that goal.

When you choose certain target, you will already taking notice of what obstacles you must overcome, what difficulties you faced.

There’s no way to get to college without studying much, without focusing on this goal, without giving up some jokes and clearances. While the basic course, I studied enough to have more holidays, because there needed to be exam or second time (not sure how it is today). But already in high school, ie, the last three years before the entrance exam, the study was even more serious because this accumulated learning and memory in your brain will be key for the exam.

576602_439776482700382_188705782_nStill had to do a year of prep school, because public education is a lot to like in training, quality and quantity of raw materials. However after a year of prep school that reaches my dream, I reached my goal. It’s hard to describe the excitement and joy I felt, but as soon as I started my classes in college, another barrier is placed. One thing is to enter, the other is out, and leave with good training, after I take care of lives.

Waldir Moreno Arevalo
Doctor and specialist in gynecology
Graduate degree in family counseling

Lecturer and author of the book Sex God created


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