interview with Kresimir Kraljevic

DSC09317_2My name is Kresimir Kraljevic and I live in Zagreb, Croatia (a small country in the europe at the Mediterranean sea). I like to say that my “career” actually started in my elementary school where I started to develop artistic skills as a graffiti artist. I didn’t realize it then but it was a hobby that defined me and while drawing graffiti I learned everything about the colors, color schemes, shape and line dynamics, proportions etc. It was also the first clue about my passion for typography and calligraphy.

My professional career started a decade after that and it kind of sneaked up on me 🙂 After finishing high school, I studied on the college for civil engineering learning (and enjoying) about mathematics, applied geometry, physics, statics, dynamics etc. I took me some time to realize that even that knowledge helped me in even further understanding about geometry, shapes and forms. Anyway, while on college I started learning about DTP with my brother who is a brilliant product designer and soon enough I released that graphic design is something that I’m really passionate about.

After college, I have given up on engineering and started to learn about typography, design and art and started working as a freelancer taking jobs wherever I could find one. And after that thins just got on their way – worked hard, always educating myself, reading and experimenting with design and everything just fell into place. In 2008 I opened a small design studio with a friend of mine (Kudos studio). At first we focused on branding, advertising, DTP but with a market shift we adapted to being a full service online agency (although we still do branding and other things). Just recently I discovered about the user interface design and usability studies – and that’s what I’m focusing on right now. In my opinion, user interfaces are perfect mix of colors, design, geometry and mathematics and I really enjoy developing them. I’m also focusing really hard on usability issues, and find that knowledge about human biology and psychology fascinating. So, to conclude – i would say that right now I’m a UX/UI designer 🙂

Media Bite


The process of branding Media Bite bit was actually one of the easiest one for me ever. I sort of came up in a flash in an early brainstorming session with the clients where we were trying to figure out a name for the company that will focus mainly on social media. As soon as the name “Media bite” popped up – I saw it. The speech bubble with the bite in it and the stationary with the bites in it! I drew it instantly on a piece of paper and presented it to a client. They were reluctant at first, It seemed that it was all too fast for them since it all played out in like 10 minutes. To be honest, I had a bit of a struggle with myself using the solution with a speech bubble since usage of speech bubbles to visualize communication was sort of a trend for the last half of a decade but I really liked the idea. But they approved the sketch and moved along on this solution…The clients wanted to have playful, vibrant and creative look while still retaining the “business” fell to it… I went with an strong pink color making it fell like a bubble gum and trying to distinguish it from all other commonly used green/lime/cyan/blue solutions. At the end of the making the client was impressed and I really love how it turned out.

My influences

Some of my early influences came while I started with the graffiti scene – from the start I adopted the 3D mural writing style rather than just bombing stuff so a huge influence was this german guy called DAIM – the guy was (and still is) brilliant, mixing up shapes, forms and colors like it was nothing. He was a master of drawing things realistically so looking at his pieces I learned a lot how lights behave, how shadows behave, to make good gradients etc. Remember, there was no computer generated scenes back then – no shortcuts 🙂 It’s was amazing. The second influencers on me were – artists. Loved ESCHER (since he was exactly what I was into), loved Monet and Dali’s colors, and Grimshaw sort of grew on me (although I wasn’t in to monotonous colors, there was something in his paintings) and absolutely loved (and still do) the pop art Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring. Professionally, the biggest influence was my brother. Other than that I cannot really name anyone in particular but I feel strong urge to create something whenever i see the portfolio of two brilliant domestic designers – Type designer Nikola Djurek and Damir Cuculić.

A tip for other designers

Study hard and read a lot about the things YOU want. Enjoy your work, don’t miss the deadlines and things will come for you. Everything matters and everything shapes us – everything we see, try, do, don’t do, success or fail. There is no wrong. Oh yeah, and search Behance – there are some great projects out there 🙂


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